Online Application
Please answer every question. Your Application will then be submitted for review by the leadership of the guild
Important Information for Applicants
This application covers BOTH casual and raid membership.

Many of our raiders started as casuals and earned a spot on a raid team.

If you are applying as a raider please indicate whether you are seeking Team Ohana or Team Phoenix.

Ohana: Fridays and Sundays 815-1130p Server

Phoenix: Wednesdays and Thursdays 815-1130p Server

If we like your application we will get back to you to either invite you as a casual or set up an interview for raiders.

We will keep an application open for 7 days. You should contact us if you haven't heard from us within 48 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out an application with us.

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1. Where did you learn about Imperium? Did you talk to anyone from our guild? If so who?

2. Are you applying for Casual membership or AOTC Raiding? If raiding, which team?
3. How many days a week do you log onto WoW? What do you like to do in WoW outside of raiding?
4. What is your main specialization, total traits, and item level?
5. Why have you decided to change guilds?
6. What are things you look for in a guild environment and what do you expect from the leadership of the guild?
7. Tells us about what you would bring to our community?
8. What is your age?
9. If you are applying as a raider, how comfortable are you playing your off-spec and are you willing to change specs if needed for the team?
10. If you are applying as a raider, are you able to attend both raid days and times consistently with minimal to no absences?
11. Do you have a headset with a clear and reliable microphone? Are you comfortable communicating verbally?
12. If you are applying as a raider, what are the most amounts of wipes you’ve done on a boss during progression in any expansion? What boss?
13. If you are applying as a raider, what is your progress in the current raid tier?
14. Tell us something about you? ie. Work, Hobbies, Family, etc.
15. If you are applying as a raider, provide a link to your armory.
16. If you are applying as a raider, provide a link to Warcraft Logs or World of Logs.
17. If you are applying as a raider,what add-ons are you currently using for raiding?
18. If you are applying as a raider, what video card and processor do you use?
20. What is your ID? This is how we'll contact you.
21. What is a good time to reach you?
21. What is your local timezone?
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