Team Ohana: Friday & Sunday 8:30pm-11:30pm
Team Phoenix: Wednesday & Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm

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Imperium has a long track record of successfully downing raid content that dates back to the earliest days of WoW. Our progression teams are focused on Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) achievements. We pride ourselves on our performance.

We raid as adults, meaning we all have jobs and families and real life responsibilities and experiences that color our participation in raiding and what we demand and expect of each other and our time together in this content. We have fun. We get bosses down. We mess around. We aren't elitist. We are low key.

Our goal is AOTC Heroic on all new content, generally we achieve this fairly early and then farm that content and poke at Mythic until the next raid comes out. We are not a Mythic raid guild by choice because the time requirements exceed what is permitted by our real life responsibilities.

For progression raiding we expect players to be geared, experienced, with proven logs and expert demonstrated understanding of the current content and fights as well as their class. Our raid team current recruiting needs are listed in the recruiting menu to the left but we encourage prospective applicants to talk with an officer or recruiter in-game.

We closely review the applications of prospective progression raiders to ensure both a performance and a culture fit with our teams and the community. We expect to see logs and hear in an interview the kind of attitude and expertise that will be a positive addition to the team.

A fit with our community is critical. We will never recruit to a dps meter. We don't care how awesome someone is as a player if they are a toxic human being.

We do not recruit to a bench but we do have many members earn spots on our progression team from within the guild by demonstrating performance in our open raid nights and fill-ins.

Here is what a solid applicant looks like to us:

- Fit with our community overall
- Fit with current team needs
- Dedicated raider (not raiding across multiple guilds, even on alts)
- 920 ilvl with 60+ traits (ideally 925+ with 63+ traits)
- Good progression currently (ideally a history of AOTC and substantial current progression in heroic)
- Solid warcraft logs showing at least green parses for ilvl (ideally at 65%+)
- Armory showing appropriate gear and confirmation of claimed progression
- Complete and well-expressed app and good attitude in text chat and interview