We recruit BOTH casual and AOTC raiders

Casuals of any class or level are always welcome
Specific progression team needs are on the left side panel of this website

Raiding Details:
Open Raid: Tuesday 830-1130 (open to any member)
AOTC Team Ohana Fri, Sun 830pm-1130pm EDT,
AOTC Team Phoenix Wed, Thus 830pm-1130pm EDT

Who we are:

We are a successful, long-standing community of experienced players with a long and proud history. Our members are adults with many married and having families. We range in age from 21-50+. We enjoy each other's company as we play the game and have a wide range of activities that our members engage in ranging from legacy content, achievement hunting, crafting, and pet battles to mythic plus runs and raiding. We are almost all adults with jobs, many with families and kids, and we try to have fun while playing in a mutually supportive, non-elitist environment.

Our guild has room for both casual players who are looking for a community of like-minded people as well as progression raiders seeking AOTC achievement raiding. We are sometimes pretty good at clicking buttons and try not to suck most of the time - although everyone sucks some of the time.

We have an active player base of several hundred members across nearly a thousand characters. At any given time there are usually members online and our peak population in-game is around 40-50 with some exceptional events driving even higher.

Our members are sociable and community-focused and willing, often eager, to help each other with game challenges. We are welcoming and open to everyone who wants play together and enjoy each other's company while playing. Our discord can be lively and profane and sometimes surprisingly funny, often tragically not. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.


We are governed by a Council of five members that collectively represent the different perspectives and goals of all our members. We believe this body gives us maturity and resiliency that helps to successfully deal with the issues common to all guilds as well as ensuring that all elements in our community have a voice in our decision making. Reporting to the Council are Officers who have been recognized for their contributions to the guild and are being groomed for potential Council membership. We have Leads who are responsible for the performance of our Melee, Ranged, and Healing classes in raid content and also serve as mentors to members seeking to improve performance or explore and understand their classes and specs.

We try to consider the entire community rather than focusing exclusively on current raid content and the progression teams. We meet together as a guild to periodically set goals and ensure that we're working together in the best way possible.

We believe in investing in our members in terms of spending time playing together and learning how to play better together as well as sharing knowledge and expertise.

What we do:

We do almost everything there is to do in WoW. We raid, we run mythic pluses, we run legacy raids and content, we craft, we do pet battles, we achievement hunt, we do PvP, and on and on. Many of our members play 20+ hours a week and have seemingly endless enthusiasm and energy for the game.

A lof of our members blaze through new content while others are more leisurely in their pace or have entirely different goals.

Our raid teams:

We have an open raid night once a week, currently Tuesday, that is available to every member. Open Raids generally start with normal mode when new content is launched then move on to Heroic mode until the next content becomes available.

We also have two progression raid teams that currently each raid twice a week: Team Ohana raids Friday and Sunday from 830-1130; Team Phoenix raids Wednesday and Thursday from 830-1130pm server.

Imperium has a long track record of successfully downing raid content that dates back to the earliest days of WoW. Our progression team is focused on Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) achievements. We pride ourselves on our performance.

For progression raiding we expect players to be geared, experienced, with proven logs and expert understanding of the current content and fights as well as their class. Our raid team current recruiting needs are listed in the recruiting menu to the right but we encourage prospective applicants to talk with an officer or recruiter in-game.

A fit with our community is critical. We will never recruit to a dps meter. We don't care how awesome someone is as a player if they are a toxic human being.

More information on Progression Raiding

How to join Imperium

Our recruiting process begins with an application on our website. If we like your application we will contact you for an interview in our voice chat. If the interview goes well we will extend you a trial membership so we can figure out together if there is a fit. If there is you're promoted to a regular member, if not, no hard feelings.

Applicants to our progression raid team will need to demonstrate expert performance and understanding of both their class and current raid content with the logs to back that up.

To learn more please whisper any of our members in game and ask for an officer or recruiter.