Imperium was formed in 2008. For many years it has been successfully serving as a home and platform for the enjoyment of WoW by hundreds of people who all have contributed energy, effort and passion to this community.

Like the old story about George Washington's axe, which has replaced the head 12 times and handle 17 times, but is still the original axe - Imperium has had a succession of members and leadership over the years.

One of the things that keeps us on course and aligned is our leadership structure.

We have a council of five members who collectively run the guild. The Council represents the ENTIRE guild not just the progression raid team - it is set up to include representatives from every faction of our member base. They in turn rely on officers and leads to focus on different aspects of gameplay such as raid performance and player development.

Our community is large, over 400 accounts playing over 800 characters, diverse, encompassing the full spectrum of mostly North American lives, and active. Our players engage in activities ranging from raiding, achievement hunting, crafting and gathering, pet battles, legacy content, dungeons and mythic plus content, to just hanging out in our voice chat with friends. We are proud to be long term community that has grown from friends into a very extended family.

Below are listed our current leadership and their area of responsibility.


Responsible for overall direction of the guild, definition of guild goals, identification and development of leadership and players.

Current: Fiendbane (GM), Raynia, Sussuration, Mirrilith, Fathammer (OMFG)


Demonstrated leaders and proven contributors who have broad responsibilities within the guild. They are involved in recruitment and goal setting as well as player development and satisfaction.

Current: Marjst, Rosha, Jackieleggs, Clemensalad, Aeriyael, Mocha


Proven performers in challenging content, effective teachers and mentors to players seeking better performance. Responsible for leading specific roles within the progression raid team but also serving as a knowledge resource to the guild overall. Works in recruitment and player development and with the raid lead on performance. They are involved in recruitment and training.

Raid Leaders: Fiendbane (Ohana), Mirrilith (Phoenix)

Ranged Lead: Fathammer, Baneofdoom

Healing Lead: Raynia, Rosha

Melee Lead: Mirrilith, Lethalreaper