Tuesday 8:30pm-11:30pm Server.
Invites out at 8:15pm
885 ilvl required

Any member in good standing with the required ilvl is welcome.

Ten People MUST Sign Up to Trigger Open Raid

Our Open Raid night allows more casual members to enjoy current content raiding within a guild supported environment.

Our progression raid teams generally help with the success of our Open Raids to ensure a relatively smooth and fun experience for all.

Open Raid is typically normal for the first few weeks of new raid content, The Night Hold for example, then we move on to Heroic difficulty for the rest of that content while we wait for the next raid then repeat the cycle.

Any member in good standing is welcome to join the Open Raid provided they meet the ilvl requirement.

We have had many members of our progression raid teams earn their spots by performing well on Open Raid nights and then filling in when called to and being invited to trial for one of our progression raid teams.

We ask that members that want to join us in Open Raid be on time and come prepared and educated on the fights.

We also may demonstrate unwarranted stupidity and silliness during Open Raid for which we apologize.